Queen of the Universe Pageant

My Experience during the pageant was cliche enough to say like no other, the pageant came when i was going through the most difficult time in my life. Losing my father, was the worst thing that ever happen to me, it was strange that not even a month after loosing my father did the Queen of the Universe Pageant fall in my path, it was heaven sent, my Father use to watch pageants on television and say “you could do that” as you all know, that in a fathers eyes you are the most beautiful.

As i was selected by a panel of judges to represent my Fathers country Spain, I focused my world around being the best representation of my country, being Miss Spain Queen Universe was something to take pride in, my life revolved around the Pageant it was not only an honor to be apart of, but it became therapy for my Mother and I, it was as though he was with us every step of the way.

During the Pageant I met 57 beautiful, intelligent young ladies from all over the world, that I like to call my “Pageant Sisters.” It was a year of getting to know one another and share our life stories. My “Soul Sister” during the Pageant was Miss Northern Ireland, Aisling Sheils we met since day one and just clicked we pretty much were attached at the hip for a year, and we are still close as ever, along with all the other girls.


More Photos HERE

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